Boat & Pontoon Detailing

Our boat and pontoon detailing service is the best around. We clean every crack and crevice leaving your boat's inside looking like it just came from a showroom.  Our 3 stage vinyl treatment removes dirt, mildew, and other stains while softening, strengthening, and protecting your vinyl from harmful UV rays. Pressure cleaning carpets gets out nasty stains left by ice cream, juice, and beer and keeps them looking new. 

Starting at $125

Add a wax or cover wash!

Gel Coat Restoration

Even with a well kept boat, years of oxidation and sun damage can fade your gel coat. Bring it back to life with our Gel Coat Restoration. We can take your faded boat and bring it back to near factory color! Call to get your custom quote today.

Acid Washing

Available between Sept 16th and April 30th

Acid washing is used to remove heavy organic stains from pontoons and fiberglass hulls. Because these stains don't come off with a pressure washer or scrub, we use environmentally friendly acids to dissolve them. We can also acid wash outdrives!

Pontoons starting at $100/toon*

Outdrives $50

Third toon gets an outdrive wash free.

Fiberglass hulls are custom quotes.

*Includes 2 gallons of acid per pontoon. Additional gallons may be required depending on stains.


Houseboat Cleaning

Houseboats are a wonderful way to spend your time on the lake, but the get dirty quickly. Our houseboat cleanings are flexible, to fit your sort of clean. Get the full clean, or maybe just your carpets or roof. A full clean includes roof, floors, walls, canvases, and ceilings. Flybridges, canopies, and other rooftop additions may cost extra. Get your custom quote today!

We also offer other services for your boat as well including:

- Teak Platform Restoration

- Mussel Removal

- And more!

If we can't do it, we know someone that can!